ArkBar Profiles

ARKbar is an innovative bar and bracket system, designed for high performance thermal roof and wall constructions. The Bar has a positive and negative locating profile at either end which when secured with the fixings supplied provides a continuous bar. Three different lengths of bar are available (1m, 2m & 3m) in 1.25mm gauge high tensile S450 grade Z275 galvanised steel. With the Brackets also being manufactured from the same grade high tensile steel in 1.6mm gauge the ARKbar system provides excellent resistance to both positive and negative imposed loads. Brackets can be installed in either direction and are available from a height of 80mm up to a maximum height of 400mm in 10mm increments, with the availability of anti-sway brackets for heights of 250mm and above.

ARKbar features:

100mm to 400mm depths
Anti way stability brackets >250mm
1.2mm S450-Z275 steel bar
1.6mm S450-Z275 steel bracket
1m – 3m cover lengths
Positive lock screws bar to bar
Simple bracket engagement